Metabolic bone disease of prematurity

Windows desktop application that can help you with the analysis of metabolic bone disorder in newborns, especially in preterm population.

Highlights include lightweight installation size, English language support, easy transfer of databases and free of charge operation.

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NewBone Features at glance


NewBone allows you to diagnose and treat metabolic bone disorder of prematurity. Easily and quickly.


Build your own databases of feeds, nutrients and supplements. These can be transferred easily to other app instances.


NewBone also offers links to guidelines and resources for common bone metabolism challenges.


NewBone is a Windows desktop application and can be installed easily on Windows 7, 8 and 10.


Apart from nutritional analysis, it offers also risk evaluation and easy unit conversion.


NeoDiet installs under 70 MB, keeping the whole process friction-free and allows for speedy action.

NewBone Downloads

NewBone Application
No trial period
Free download

English version 1.0.3

NewBone Manual
Detailed instructions
Free download

English version

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