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iOS application that can help you with everyday clinical challenges and calculations concerning neonatal medical care, including the most commonly applied medication.

Highlights include lightweight installation size, streamlined user interface with clean look and simply organised sections (Modules, Handbook, Pharmacy).

NeoTools Features at glance


NeoTools allows you to perform the most common calculations required in neonatal care. Easily and quickly.


App sections include Modules (calculations), Handbook (clinical challenges) and Pharmacy (medication in Neonatology).


NeoTools also offers links to guidelines and references for common nutritional problems.


NeoTools is an iOS mobile application, primarily developed for iPhones. iPad version is planned for the future.


Modules include Ventilation, Circulation, Metabolism, Neurology, Nephrology and Perinatology calculations and analysis.


NeoTools is extremely lightweight application, keeping the whole process friction-free and allows for speedy action.

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