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We focus on education material and practical software solutions.

Education is our passion. We offer online articles and reviews covering a broad range of topics from essential neonatology diagnoses to specific and detailed clinical challenges. Explore case studies, drug prescriptions and thoroughly prepared presentations.

Since the company’s inception in 2019, we also focused on the programming. We have strived to make the easy-to-use and effective software tools and services. By automating routine checks and calculations, our applications speed up production, freeing clinicians to spend more time on other tasks.

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Education Material

Education is the acquisition of intellectual, social, emotional, and physical knowledge, and describes the multifaceted processes by which we learn and teach more generally. The importance of education beyond its intrinsic value is well documented.

We offer review articles and presentations in order to help you master a specific subject in Neonatology and Pediatrics. The lectures were meticulously assembled into one learning block that can serve you for years to come. Topics are being updated on a regular basis.

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Application Development

We make professional software for hospitals and clinical practices, with focus on Neonatology and Pediatrics fields. Our scope encompasses desktop and mobile apps with focus on usability, speed and transparency. Tools are either free to use or licensed in a favourable and streamlined way.

We help doctors work faster by automating common, repetitive tasks to enable them to stay focused on their practice and the big picture. We provide tools to explore and familiarize with the current medical topics faster. Our products make it easy for you to take care of quality during all stages of patient care and spend less time on maintenance tasks.

Nutritional management

Metabolic bone disease

Anesthesiology & Resuscitation

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Consultation Work

We provide professional consultation work for an individual or an organization for a fee. The deliverables are expertise advice, solution to a problem and guidance on difficult matters. Infantools also provides means to implement the recommendations.

The backbone of our pieces of advice lies in our long-term clinical practice and research assets. Coupled with international publication activity, education experience and dedication, we believe we can help you with your current problem in the field of Neonatology.

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