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Acute Abdomen

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Acute abdominal events or conditions arise from a number of diseases based on the predominant pathophysiology. They require urgent revision. Basic division of acute abdomen in newborns: congenital gastrointestinal malformations …

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Inherited thrombophilia permanent condition that can increase the risk for thrombosis formation in presence of other factors or triggers (see acquired conditions below) Leiden mutation of factor 5 = the …

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Bleeding disorders

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Newborns (preterm in particular) have relatively low levels of pro-coagulation factors (vitamin K dependent factors), diminished platelet functions (their levels are similar to adults), as well as low anti-coagulation factors …

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Polycythemia is defined by venous hemoglobin concentration > 220 g/l or by hematocrit value > 0.65 during the first week of life. It correlates clinically with hyperviscosity syndrome. The common …

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